Star Defence

The next logical step following a Galaxian style shooter. This time I’ve built a game very reminiscent of th 80’s Williams arcade classic Defender with one or two ideas borrowed from the more recent Playstation 4 smash hit Resogun.

The game is a “twin stick shooter”. It uses the two analogue control sticks on a standard game controller to control the player ship. The left stick controls movemen and the right stick controls firing. The ship faces the direction of firing not the direction of travel.

I’ve built in a sense of inertia which makes swiching directions a bit more interestings. Instead of immediatelty changing directions the ship has to slow down first and then speed up in the new direction, so you’ll continue moving in the old direction for a couple of seconds before moving off.

The ship can move up and down but the camera is fixed so the ship remains horizontally in the centre. The play space is horizontally bigger than the screen so the player and camera move together across the play space, left and right. The play space is built as a donut style loop so when you reach the right extreme you automatically come back in on the left extreme, and vise versa.

There are three player lives and in the bottom left is a shield bar. You loose one life each time your shields run out.

Play The Game