Not Another Arkanoid Clone

One of the oldest, original arcade games developed by Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when Jobs, who worked for Atari at the time, was asked to come up with a single player version of Pong for the arcades. This version is more loosely based off the popular 80’s remake, Arkanoid. More specifically inspired by a variation called Poing found on one of the Assassins Public Domain Disk’s for the Amiga range of computers.

As in Poing, this version is played horizontally instead of vertically with the player paddle on the left. There’s a red barrer of bricks to the right that guards the way to the next level. Pass the red brick barrer and the ball can exit to the next level without clearing the current level. The level stack so the ball with fall back though the levels if missed with the bat.

The options allow you to choose between a 3-, 5-, or 8-level game and you can choose to play with 1-, 3-, or 5- balls, aka lives. Allowing for varing difficulty from 5-balls for 3-levels, up to 1-ball to clear all 8-levels. Scoring depends on how many balls you choose to play with, less balls equals bigger scores.

Game play is entirely through mouse control. Press right button to launch ball and then move the mouse up and down to move the paddle.

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