Maze Adventure

Maze Adventure is a very basic text based adventure game modeled after the popular games like Collosal Cave and The Hobbit from the later 70’s and Early 80’s. It’s a simple maze built from a handful of connected rooms. Your object is simply to find the exit.

It is an example of a “state machine” with doors that can be locked or unlocked. Keys that can be either in a room, or carried. When dropped they will remain in the room you drop them in unless you pick them up and move them again. And locked doors require specific keys to unlock them.

You start in a room with three locked doors and a red key on the floor. Pick up the red key and find out which door it unlocks.

The command structure is a very simple two word system and is case sensitive:

Movement: Go North, Go East, Go South, Go West
Keys: Take RedKey, Drop RedKey, Take BlueKey, Drop BlueKey, Take GreenKey, Drop GreenKey
Locks: Open North, Open East, Open South, Open West (holding correct key)

Play the Game