The following is a list of old projects that, for the most part, have one way or another dissapeared into the ether…

 1989 BBC Micro BBC Basic Text based maths calculator
 1992 Amstrad CPC Graphics Adventure Creator London Underground
 1995 Commodore Amiga AMOS Basic Golf Score Card
 1995 Commodore Amiga AMOS Basic Pilot (language) Interpretor
 1999 MS-Dos Turbo Pascal 7 A Simple Computer (simulator)
 2005 Web HTML, Javascript School Website
 2005 MS-Dos Turbo Pascal 7 User import into Active Directory
 2010 Web HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL Asset Management Database
 2012 Java Java Simple Web Server

Where links are given click on the programing langauge used to view the source code, or the name of the program to download a (hopefully) working copy.



1994 GCSE Office Technology
 1997 BTEC ND Computer Studies
 1998 ICS Diploma PC-Repair
 2001 BSC (Hons) Applied Computing
 2005 VMWare v3 Certification