At the begining of February 2017 serendipty called in the form of an e-mail from Udemy, the online study course people. An offer to learn games programming using C# and Unity. The course is run by Ben Tristem and Brice Fernandes and can be found here:

Here are the games that I built following, or inspired by, the first half of this course:

After Galaxians, below, I thought I’d have a go at another 80’s arcade classic shooter…Defender.  (very) Loosely based on the recent Playstation 4 hit game Resogun, this is a twin stick shooter complete with lives, shields, and a looping donught world play field.  
  A regular Space Invaders/Galaxians clone complete with three player lives, three unique enemy types and a scrolling star field background.
I have a love for old video game systems.  The Philips G7000, known as the Maganavox Odyssey-2 in America, was a similar system to the more widely known Atari 2600 console.  Here I have tried to recreate 5 of early games for this system.  
  Do you remember the old four-game tennis consoles from the mid to late 70’s?  Otherwise known as Pong.  Complete with a name reminiscent of the time, this is my take on a 70’s Pong system using the sprites from my Arkanoid clone, below.
My version of the arcade smash (sic) hit Breakout, aka Arkanoid.  It’s loosely based off a version I discovered on an Amiga Public Domain disk (one of the Assassins Disks) called Poing.  
  Based on the old late-70’s, early-80’s text adventure games. You type simple two word commands to move round and explore your environment. I fairly small and simple maze game with some moveable key objects needed to solve the puzzle and escape the game.
A simple number guessing game. You give the computer a range of numbers, say 1..1000, and then you guess a number within that range. The computer will try and guess your number within 10 attempts.

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