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Back in 1978 Philips introduced one of the earliest video game consoles in compitition with the more well known Atari 2600 system released the previous year. After using the earlier Pong games as inspiration for my last game I decided to have a go at bringing one or two of the early games from this era up to date.

Race is one of the earliest arcade games from around 1974/5 and was popular game for the early home consoles in the late 1970’s. It’s a relatively simple game with a car at the bottom of the screen and, when the game starts, you drive up a straight road at three different speeds. You simply need to move your car left and right to avoid the computer controled cars as you over take.

This game is played using a game controller D-pad, up and down increases and decreases speed accordingly. To start the game, or continue after a crash, press the space bar.

This is a simplified version of hangman…without the hangman. In the original one player typed in a word while the other looked away. The Philips consoles would scramble up the word for the second player to guess. In this version I set up a small dictionary of 50 words and phrases. The computer will pick one at random and scramble it up for you to guess.

Air-Sea War
Another game that was originaly copied to the Philips console from the Atari system. This one was a two player game with one player controlling the sub-marine, and the other controlling the plane. In this version you play the green submarine at the bottom of the screen and the computer takes the role of the red plane. You’ll see a countdown timer in the top right. Simply shoot the plane down as many times as you can in the time limit. If the planes missile hits you you’ll loose one point off your score.

The sub will move automatically left to right. Use a game controllers D-pad to move your sub up and down, and press the fire button (green ‘A’ on an Xbox controller) to launch a missile. Only one missile can be fired at a time.

The classic card game played against the computer. The goal is simply to be the players whose cards add up to 21, or the closest to is without going over. Picture cards are worth 10 points and an Ace can be either 1 or 11 points. An ace with a picture card automatically adds up to 21 and a win – this is known as a blackjack or pontoon.

To play just follow the on screen prompts. You start with Β£500 and need to accumulate as much money as possible. Place your bet, your cards will be dealt. The computer will automatically keep track on your score. Choose to have another card, becareful no to bust, or stick with what you have. The computer will then try to beat you.

My favourite game of the collection. You control the cowboy in the bottom left of the screen. The computer controls the cowboy in the top right. 10 paceses at dawn, the two cowboys need to come together and then fastest on the draw wins! Becareful though because the playfield is randomly littered with trees and bullets ricochet off trees! You don’t want to shoot yourself.

This game uses a controller D-Pad to move your cowboy around the screen and the fire button to shoot your gun.

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